Friday, 12 October 2012

Training Needs Analysis

Training as part of human resource planning which aim to help develop the employees in terms of their skills and knowledge to enable them to meet the needs of the organization. Before conducting training programs, the needs of training should be analyse to ensure the objective of the training program is parallel to that of the goals of the organization.
3 types of Training Needs Analysis are as follow:

1. Organizational needs analysis. The organization needs to evolve and expand alongside with the development of the global and to compete with others. To able to do that, the human capital of the organization should be well-trained, updated of current issues and needs of the customer. For example, if a restaurant needs to expand its business from dine-in to drive-through service, the manager should evaluate the supply of the human capital, their capability and so on, and train them on how to take order for drive-through and such.  The analysis focused on the needs of the organization, regardless of the capability of employee.

2. Task needs analysis refers to the job-based training analysis. Say a service manager is transferred to the human resource manager, his previous experience and training report would be evaluated. If needed, he would be recommended to attend human resource seminar and training to enable him to handle the job better. This analysis is necessary to prepare the existing employees well prepared for the job and lowered their anxiety when being transferred or when given new job or task.

3. Person needs analysis refers to individual needs. For example, a newly hired employee who has no experience in assembling a bicycle would be given proper training to give him adequate knowledge to enable him to perform job of assembling the bicycle efficiently in the future. Person needs analysis emphasis on the needs of an individual in the organization.

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