Friday, 19 October 2012

Human Resource Management : HR Manager's Challenge - Internal

HR Manager is one who administer the human resources / human capital in an organization in order to help achieving the goals of the organization. 3 internal challenges of becoming HR Manager are:

1.Lack of resources to cope with daily activity of the organization could be a real problem for a HR manager.Resources could refer to training facility for the manpower in the organization, low number of workers to cope with high intensity of work burden, low or no budget for employees' performance appraisal, and no suitable tools to assist HR Manager in analyzing the manpower of the organization and to research on employees' needs.

2. Employees' discipline is a challenging factor for a HR Manager. To help motivate the employee with discipline problem, HR Manager need to plan suitable courses and motivation for the employee. HR Manager may face the situation where he/she have to dismiss employee with discipline problem, and to deal with the situation of the lack of manpower to recover the work burden of the employee who has been dismissed.

3.Employees' health & safety at the workplace are also the main challenges for a HR Manager. Despite of keeping the employee motivated and productive ate the workplace, several matters should be taken into precaution such as fire handling procedure, safe workstation for each employee, no harmful particles involved in the daily working condition and so on.

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