Monday, 18 July 2011

Type of Executive

The Executive is the second branch of the government which responsible for enforcing the laws enacted by the Legislature in the country.
(a)  There are four types of Executive:
i)     Real Executive is the executive who exercises the real power in policy making and governance of a country. The real executive is normally the member of political parties. They are the Head of Government. For example, the Prime Ministers, Cabinet Members and the State Representatives.

ii)    Nominal Executive is titular executive who does not exercise the real power in the governance and administration of the state. The role of a nominal or titular executive is normally ceremonial or customary. They are normally called the Head of State: The monarch, King, Queen, Emperor or Sultan. And they act on the advice of the Real Executive. For example, the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia. His Majesty do not practices real power in governing the country, but His Majesty acts on the advice of the Prime Minister and his cabinet members.

iii)   Political Executive is the political leader of a country who represented his/ her political party and is elected directly by the people during the general election. They held the responsibility to govern the country. If Political Executive loses the confidence of the people and the legislature, he should resign from his office. Examples of the Political Executive are, the Prime Minister and ministers elected by the people.

iv)   Non-Political Executive refers to civil servants who are appointed according to their qualification and experiences. They are neutral in politics and are required to serve the government with impartiality. They are not allowed to involve in any political party or assemblies, and they serve as the advisor to the minister. They are permanent office holders and serve until the age of retirement, unlike the Political Executive who serve for a certain term and when loses vote from the people, a Political Executive should resign. Examples of Non-Political Executive are the Secretaries General of Ministers, the Directors General and etc. In Malaysia, the non-political executive retires at age 58. 


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  2. Hye ijamsepet, Lect sy Mr Peter Johnson. U boleh refer website dia untuk lebih banyak nota.

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