Friday, 19 October 2012

Human Resource Management : Surplus & Shortage ?

2 ways to reduce surplus of employees would best be:
1. Freeze recruitment / hiring. Stop recruiting new employees and allowed managers to organize and align their employees more efficiently. Department which has surplus members may allowed manager from other department to use the service of the surplus member (cross-service as in matrix structure of organization). The work burden could be share among members and reduce the stress and burden carry by one. 

2. Early retirement.The aim of this action is to cut the labor cost by reducing worker's aging workforce. This is the best way to not only reduce the number of employees, but also can avoid from paying large amount of compensation if one organization have to dismiss or terminate workers.

While 2 ways to overcome
shortage of employees would be:
1. Recruiting new employees, either temporary or permanent employee. Temporary workers are best at flexible job description, staffing flexibility and temporary employee has lower service commitment (to both employee and employer), saving money as the wages and benefits of temporary employees are usually lower than those permanent. Permanent employees do save money too, as the job training and induction provided are one-time basis. If company continue hiring temporary workers, the same job training need to be given again and again and this would some how consume higher cost. Permanent employees are committed to their job and employer as they have to perform to ensure their benefits are well guarded throughout their service. 

2. Re-analyzing job process and redesign the job process if necessary. This would help to estimate and limit the number of workers need on each department / job. Through this process, the efficiency of the workforce could be obtain and maintain while the organization working to reach the desired goals. Although the process of analyzing would consume certain amount of money, but the outcome would help the organization to reorganize, reconstruct its organization's structure and to distribute workforce more efficiently.

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