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Training & Development : The Purposes

English: Economic development training session...
English: Economic development training session in a with the member of a community organisation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Training is designed to provide learners with knowledge and skills needed for their present job. While development involves learning that goes beyond today’s job, it prepares employees to perform future job and to keep pace with the organization as it changes.

The three purposes of training and development are:

(i)                     Attainment of precision and clarity in the transaction of daily business and every turn of the organization. Training provides familiarization with the company’s mission, vision, goals, rules, regulations and work environment to the new employees. As for the existing employees, they could enhance their skills and efficiency through training, which would indirectly make them eligible for promotions and at the same time, uplifting the overall output of the organization.

(ii)                   Continuous adjustment to the changing socio-economic needs and increase staff productivity. Training and development programs are designed to enhance knowledge, skills and experience of employees. Well-trained staff would increase their tasking flexibility and show not only quality but also quality in their work performance and cutting unnecessary waste of time and resources.

(iii)                To cultivate a new altitude and behavior in human personality. For existing employees, training and development programs could refresh their knowledge and enhance their skills besides help kills boredom as they have been with the  organization for a while. This would results in positive motivation and encourage innovative and passion in work. For new employees, training could help boost their morale by indirectly offering job security, as they feel easy when they know what the organization is expecting from them. Through understanding organization new goals and turns via training provided, it would enhance staff teamwork.  While the employees feel united, happy and satisfied as they all share the common goals, it would indirectly reduce staff turnover. Talented staff that shows excellence performance after training would be promoted, and this would boost the spirit of the employees to continuously excel in every job.

Regardless of the position of an employee in the organization, he / she
should be given equal opportunity for training and develop. Training and
development program would not only help the organization to evolve and
compete with others, it would also help to increase self confidence in the
employees and hence, increase productivity and marginal output of a 
production. Not all employees should be given the same training,training
and development should be conduct after the needs analysis has been
studied and the methods of training are chosen carefully to suit each
employee's function in the organization.
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