Friday, 19 October 2012

Human Resource Management : The Importance

Human resource management is very important because:
1. To analyze the human resource requirements of an organization, if the number of the human resource is below the expectation of the goals set by the organization (Demand > Supply) , human resource department should recruit new members of the organization, and if the number is more than enough (Demand < Supply) to carry out the tasks in order to achieve the goal of the organization, human resource department would plan to restructure the organization so that every member in the organization play the equal important role and carry equal work burden.

To recruit & select manpower for the need of the organization. After analyzing the manpower requirement of the organization, the human resource department conduct recruitment if there are any vacancy, and selecting the qualified applicant to fill in the post.

To provide orientation and training for the manpower in the organization, in order to improve their skills, knowledge and to motivate the employees to perform better.


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