Friday, 19 October 2012

Recruitment : Why Internet Recruit?

Internet has became so popular in recruitment, for government agencies or private agencies, this is the new trend and the most efficient way to recruit. 

The reasons of why internet has become the main media for recruitment are as follow:

1. Lower cost. For the hiring company, posting job vacancy on the internet would cost less than printing advertisement or by other media such as television and radio. All the company need to do is to post in their website or post on some free posting site about the vacancy. Nowadays, government of Malaysia has provided for the company to post their job vacancy online with no charges. If the company chose to recruit via printing media, they have to pay a very high cost and get lower output. The charges of their advertisement depends on the sizes the advertisement fits in the paper and the period the company would like to post the vacancy. For example, a 3x4 inch advertisement may cost RM300 for posting of vacancy for 1 week. While posting via television and radio also cost huge amount of money, it depends on the slot the company would like their advertisement to show up. If the advertisement was to post on peak hour, the chargers would be higher than that of off-peak hour.

Fast and easy. The posting of vacancy online required only minutes, while posting via printing media requires days and on TV and radio maybe require weeks for the production company needs to arrange the showing slot to enable the advertisement to fit in their show without compromising other advertisement and show.

3. Environmental friendly. Advertising vacancy via internet required no paper, ink or motor vehicles. It is the most environmental friendly method of recruitment, and that's the reason why people preferred this method than others. While recruiting via printing media consume a lot of papers and inks.

Popular social medium. People nowadays rely more on internet to communicate with other people, be their family,coworkers, friends or even strangers. The internet was like the 'other world' where people can get tonnes of information at their fingertips. By posting vacancy online, it would attract more people to apply for the job at a quicker rate. Moreover, via internet, people could link the advertisement for recruitment to their friends, they would become the hiring company's 'HR managers' indirectly, who help to spread the news and accelerate the process of recruitment.

Border-less. Recruitment via internet could help the company to hire people not only within the nation, but also hiring experts  from foreign country without even traveling and paying high cost to advertise in foreign newspaper.

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