Saturday, 13 October 2012

Promotion : What's the problem ?

4 issues in promotion may be as follow:

1. Transparency of the promotion process may be doubted. In public service for example, the outcome of annual performance appraisal is rarely shared between the supervisor and his subordinate. Supervisor avoids doing explanation on his evaluation, and when the subordinate’s colleague being promoted, whereby they have equal seniority, lots of questions and doubts would raises. Personal relationship, which may led to bias judgement.

2. Stereotype judgement is the most general issue in promotion. The general assumption of a supervisor may influence his judgement to select the right candidate to be promoted. For example, if a male supervisor have an idea of ‘female could not perform 100% as male employee does’, then he would tend to select male employee to be promoted, regardless of the performance and achievement of the female employee.

3. Political favoritism. Misjudgment may happened if the employer promote one employee not simply based on his performance, but also taking in consideration of the political party the employee was in.

4. Seniority versus ability. Promotion based on seniority has always been the argument of both the managerial and also the lower level employee. The employee who excels in work and has better achievement was wasted in the seniority system, as the system choose to promote whoever comes first in the organization, not based on whoever did well. 

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