Friday, 12 October 2012

Interview : Problems when conducting interviews

Interview is a process in selecting the best qualified candidate for a specific job title. There are several types of interview; among them are the unstructured interview, structured interview, behavioral interview and stress interview.

Problems that can be identifying in conducting interviews are as follow:

   1.       Limited resources. The information provided by the candidate may be falsified and inaccurate; the interviewer may not have enough resources to check on the details provided.

   2.       Unfair judgement and bias while interview may occur if the candidates are to be interview in a group. Based on one question, each candidate is giving chance to elaborate on their own point of view, personal preferences of the interviewer may lead to misjudgement and bias on the selection of the right candidate for the job. Most of the time, the interviewer would choose the one who has the same point of view as he is.

   3.       Argument between the interviewer and candidates on the issue discussed while interviewing. The interviewer intention to extract the knowledge of the candidates may lead to argument if the interviewer pushing too far and begins to argue for the fact.

   4.       Derailed from the objective of the interview would happened when the interviewer and the candidates are both exhausted from long hour interviewing session.

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