Sunday, 17 July 2011

Purpose of the State

There are 5 purposes of the state:
A state functioned as agent of modernization. Formation of a state enables people to stay permanently in one place, and develop. As it planned and develops the economic, education, health, infrastructures and social system, new ways and technologies to be used in the administrative systems are introduced, to enable people in the state to live in a comfortable life. For example, the government of Malaysia introducing RMK-10 as a renewal of RMK-9 to improve the administrative system, economy, education, health, infrastructure and social system, which will enhance the lifestyle of the people and strengthen the power of the state.

When a group of people living together in a definite territory, certain rule and regulations will have to enforced and enacted to ensure people in the territory live in peace and harmony, respect and tolerate each other and also to protect everyone. The state was assembled to perform as a body to legislate laws. In Malaysia, we have law to protect each and everyone in the state of Malaysia. Obligation of the laws in Malaysia will be punished. For example, law to protect children, Akta Kanak-kanak 2001. Whoever found kidnapping children with restraint or forcing children to work as prostitute, when found guilty, will be fine not more than Ringgit Malaysia 50 thousand or jailed not more than 15 years or both.

A state also regulated and shapes framework for social conduct among people staying in the state, though they may have different backgrounds, religions and cultures, conform to the law prescribed. For example, Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual society. Malaysians are able to live together peacefully for more than 5 decades, thanks to the performance of the state-the government of Malaysia, providing a framework for each ethnic to able to accept the cultures and belief of others and also through the doctrine of Social Contract, and the democracy practice in Malaysia. At the same time, each ethnic are free to practice their own tradition, religion, cultures and native language.

People stay together in a definite territory identifies themselves as the citizen the territory, the attachment shown because of the sense of togetherness. A state formed to provides the sense of togetherness. As A.C Kapoor said in his book that human are not self-sufficient animal, humans need other people in order to live. The forming of the state makes people feel safe, secured and strong to be together. For example, Malaysian who travels to foreign country to pursue education will respond to the embassy of Malaysia which represents the state of Malaysia in that country, embassy provides the sense of togetherness for the students who are far away from home in Malaysia, and provide help whenever the student needed. The most recent example of secure, strength of a state and the purpose of Malaysia functioning as a state can be seen through the rescue operation of Malaysia students from Egypt on 3rd February 2011.

A state was form because of the needs of the people and the purpose of the state is to fulfill the needs of the people. A good governance of the administration of good leaders in a state will ensure that limited resources in the state will distributed evenly to the people in the state who are with various and diversified demands will be satisfied. For example, the government of Malaysia designing budget to ensure each state will have enough and possible amount to develop in various sectors. Without a state, people living in a territory will have to work on their own to fulfill each needs, but with a state, people can share and to fulfill their needs is much easier with the help of the state.

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