Thursday, 21 June 2012


Basic skills required by managers.
There are three basic skills required by managers which can be stated as follow:-
Technical Skills
It is the knowledge of an ability to use the procedures, processes, practices, techniques, knowledge or tools of a specialized field such as engineering, computers, accounting or manufacturing. These skills are developed through experience and education, and it is important for operating managers or the first line managers because they deal directly with people. In an organization, a good manager should build employee’s confident in their work by being firm in handling situation.  For example a lawyer has special knowledge relating to the field of law and justice system while a chemistry teacher has a special knowledge relating to the field of applying chemistry thought in education.
Human Skills
A human skill is a skill that gives a manager the ability to work and interact with other people successfully. It includes the ability to motivate, understand, lead and communicate, effectively with his or her co-workers which have different personalities. This skill gives managers a sense of feeling with appreciations for others as the daily chores would be dealing with co-workers. Manager with a good human skills are able to get the best out of their people. With human skills, managers know how to communicate, motivate, lead and inspire enthusiasm and trust.
Conceptual Skill
It deals with ideas and abstract relationships. They are mental capabilities that help managers to view the whole organization and the relationships exist among the various parts in the organization. This skill gives the manager the ability to coordinate and integrate the organization’s interests and activities. It includes intelligence and verbal ability. A good manager should also be innovative to draw formulation of new strategies towards organization success and making a difference.

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