Tuesday, 3 December 2013

"Quality", "Quality Control" and "Total Quality"

Define "Quality", "Quality Control" and "Total Quality":

Quality refers to the standard of end-product or services provided has exceed the customer's expectation. In which the product offered or services provided is defect-free or error-free; the term of use for such products / services is long (tahan lama) and meet up to the requirement of the customers.

Quality Control is a process to ensure that the products are defect-free or error-free and has meet up to or exceed the expectation of the customers. Generally, QC involves 3 steps: evaluation of actual quality of the product manufactured, comparison of the actual products to the predetermined standards; and resolving the differences between the actual products and the predetermined standards. 
Total Quality refers not only to the quality of the product itself, but it covered all of the organization in terms of its approaches, policy, procedures, people, environment and process, which aimed to meet and exceed the customer's expectation.

Qualities (Photo credit: kool_skatkat)

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