Monday, 30 May 2011

Relationship of Political Science and Sociology

Political Science > Sociology : Facts about the organization & functions of the State
Sociology > Political Science : Knowledge of the origin of political authority and laws which controlled society
Political Science
   Study of the political governance of man
   A specialized branch of sociology
   Has more restricted field to cover than sociology
  Deals with man in all his varied social relations and in all forms of human association
  Not confined to 1 aspect of man alone
   Political life of man begins much later than his social life
  Prior to Political Science
   Study the politically organized society and conscious political activities of man
  Embraces the study of organized & unorganized communities and the conscious & unconscious activities of man
   Aims at the past, present and future determination of the political organization of mankind
  The study of various social institutions that exist or have hitherto existed
  Does not and cannot predict about the future of society & social relationships
  Its study is empirical, has no philosophical trend to follow
Ernest Barker, Political Thought in England (1848-1914) : “Political theory only deals with political associations, united by a constitution and living under a government; sociology deals with all associations. Political theory assumes as a datum (data / suatu fakta atau cadangan yang digunakan untuk membuat kesimpulan atau keputusan) that man is a political being, it does not explain, as sociology seeks to do, how he came to be a political being.”

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