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Malaysian Politics & Government by Jayum A Jawan

Bought a new book today "Malaysian Politics & Government" written by Jayum A Jawan, published by KARISMA PUBLICATIONS SBD BHD,cost only RM 19.50

About the respectful writter, Mr Jayum Jawan, he is Professor of Politics and Government at UPM. He is also Head of the Department of Social and Development Sciences, Faculty of Human Ecology. He has written numerous books that have been published either by UKMPress, UPMPress or the University of Hull Press. He regularly writes conference papers that are presented at both national or international conferences as well as occasionnally contributing to academic journals. 

Brief introduction about this book:
This books is simple and easy to understand, it it suitable for the general reading as it gives a general background to Malaysia's politics and government without undue and bias analysis of any particular events or institutions. This book also provides reader with a background by which the readers may be able to appreciate later development and dynamics in Malaysian politics, economic and society. 

A little sneak peek into this book:
Section 1 discussed about Pre Malaysia History
Section 2 discussed about Organisation of Government
Section 3 discussed about Elements or Branches of Government and their Functions
Section 4 discussed about Operations and Goals of Government

When it comes to reading and seeking for knowledge, it doesn't matter if the writer is local writer or international well-known scientists, as long as we are willing to dig in their 'mind' through their heartily writings, and learn from them. I'm very happy with book-shopping, as i can found tonne after tonne of 'brains' in those books. If you are pursuing Administrative Science or Public Administration like me, this book, you ought to have, its simple and it reveals more clearly to us about the structure of government machinery. Enjoy your reading! 

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  1. I will love to pick one of the 4 chapters discussed in Section 3 to share: Firstly, the author discussed about the Malaysian Parliament (chapter 8), which i think is very essential for us to understand the branch of Legislature in Malaysia and the concept or parliamentary system. A brief history about Malaysian Parliament has been brought up before discussing the details. The first parliament held was in 1959, with only 104 members, while the first general elections after Malaysia were conducted in 1969.
    Malaysian Parliament is a bicameral legislative body, which mean it has two houses or chambers. The upper house is also known as the House of Senate (Dewan Negara) and the lower house is also known as the House of Representative (Dewan Rakyat). After reading this chapter then i realize the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong also part of Parliament, only His Majesty does not take part in the proceedings, only he will declare the opening or closure of each session of parliament. Numbers of member of Dewan Rakyat dan Dewan Negara also stated in this chapter. Function of Parliament and the Legislative Procedure were discussed in detail in this chapter. Some parliamentary privileges were also the interesting points we need to refer to. For example: The members of parliament were allowed to say anything or vote for anything (as long as the matters discussed are not sensitive issues, not about the special rights of ethnic, or the power of the Rulers), then they are immune from any prosecutions for their act.
    Further discussion on The executive, the judiciary and the state or local government were discussed in the later chapter in this section .


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