Wednesday, 8 June 2011

PAD reference

Government And Politics In Malaysia edited by Abdul Rashid Moten, 2008
Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd

Found this book in MOH's library. Try to get one from MPH, cost around RM40, but no stock. This book is a contribution from over 12 Professors, teachers and lecturers.

A little sneak peek into this book:
Chapter 1: Society, Politics and Islam : An Overview
Chapter 2: Development in Malaysia : An Overview
Chapter 3: Constitution and Constitutionalism
Chapter 4: Federalism : Origin and Applications
Chapter 5: Real and Nominal Political Executive
Chapter 6: The Bicameral Legislature
Chapter 7: Judiciary
Chapter 8: Political Parties and Party System
Chapter 9: Elections and Electoral System
Chapter 10: Human Rights
Chapter 11: Public Administration
Chapter 12: Police Administration
Chapter 13: Military Professionalism and Civil-Military Relations
Chapter 14: Foreign Policy

The highlighted chapters are chapters i personally think will be very useful in studying PAD 120 and PAD 170. The words used in this book are simple, precise and very easy to understand. Brief statement in this book also help readers to 'imagine' the situation and concept clearly. In addition to the merits of this book, it has lots of tables and pictures to help readers to 'see through' and get the real idea of all the writings. By the way, there is a list of Acronyms attached on the xiii page of this book, which is at the front of the list of contents and it helps for even the early beginners or newbie to understand the 'short-form' used to name the organizations and associations in Malaysia. If you thought thats enough, turn to page 295, named 'Further Reading' here are the lists of books you may find it helpful for further readings and research on certain topics such as History, Politics, Administration and etc. Really, really love this book and will try hard to own one someday!

Quoted from the Preface of this book, written by Abdul Rashid Moten:
"Government and Politics in Malaysia addresses core Political Science concerns over the nature of political systems and key political issues. Indeed, the study begins with a broad description of society, politics and Islam (Abdul Rashid Moten) and an analysis of the development policies pursued in Malaysia during the last fifty years (Hazizan Md Noon). This is followed by an examination of the nature of the Federal Constitution (Abdul Rashid Moten) and the nature of federal-state relations (Yusuf Saleem). Subsequent chapters deal with the broad description of governmental structure, based largely on national constitution and a detailed study of the nature and importance of major democratic political institutions. The word institution refers to both formal structures like nominal and real executives (Wahabuddin Ra'ees), the bicameral legislature (Mohd Fuzi), the judiciary ( Abdul Aziz Bari), political parties and party system and elections and the electoral system contributed by Tunku Mohar Mokhtar and more diffused political practices including human rights (El-Fatih A.Salam). There are three chapters that deal with the administrative system: public administration (Noor-e-Alam Siddique), police administration (Normala Adnan) and military professionalism and civil-military relations (K.S. Nathan). The final chapter provides a comprehensive analysis of the fifty years of Malaysia's foreign policy (Ishtiaq Hossain). It should be evident that the book is comprehensive in that it covers all the areas usually found in a book dealing with a country's government and politics. Additionally, it covers some of the issues not covered in earlier works on Malaysia government and politics."

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